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Mockingbird Jacket
I'd like to invite anyone who can make it to HOORAY FOR BOOKS in Alexandria, VA on Saturday, April 17th @ 1 pm for my book launch.

If people can go out for tapas, or whatever, afterwards, that would be fun, too!

Hope to see some of you there,

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Have a wonderful launch, Kathy. I am so ready to read this book after hearing so many great things! Soon... soon....(yours is one of those situations where I get arc envy)

And yours, too, Jeannine! What a fabulous idea for a booK!

Wish I could join you in person but I'll be there in spirit, Kathy. And that includes going out for tapas, too. :)

Happy book launch!!

You can come on April 18th and/or May 1st. :o)

I'll try to come!! I'm so excited about this book :).

You're as sweet as your cupcakes, Jama!

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