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Five for Friday
Mockingbird Jacket
1. It's my anniversary -- woo hoo!
2. My son got accepted to a wonderful school which I think will be very good for him -- yay!
3. I actually wrote today -- wow!
4. I think Google Earth is way too fun because it keeps me from doing more of #3, above.
5. There is NO good chocolate in this house so now I must leave to make an emergency run to the store.

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That sounds like a very good day. What kind of chocolate are you going to get?

1. Happy Anniversary!!
2. Double Yay! on the school.
3. Nice Job!
4. Way too much fun for one person.

Oh. You just made me go eat some chocolate that was stashed away in the upper closet! :-D

Congrats to your son--I hope it's a wonderful experience for him.

Happy Aniversary!

...that's anniversary! (too much chocolate?)

YAY for everything except the no chocolate! ;)

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