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Friday Five
Mockingbird Jacket
1. MOCKINGBIRD is being picked up by Scholastic --yay! It'll be out January next year.

2. My flute is in the shop because I haven't played it since I was a teenager. In 2 weeks, I start flute lessons. There. I said it. Now I can't back out.

3. Mother / daughter trip to deep South is in the making . . . maybe Harper Lee's home town???
What should we not miss in Alabama and Mizzz-ippi?

4. Finished teaching my first writing class last night. What a great group of adults! Can't wait to start again.

5. Must wake son for his exam. Shout upstairs. Then pour in coffee. Repeat.

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Yay -- so great about Scholastic!

Oh boy, flute lessons. Have a nice trip down South!

Wow! I dream of having a book picked up by Scholastic!

Yay on Scholastic.

I used to play flute too. I married a professional musician and haven't played a peep since. Well maybe a couple of peeps, but not very many.

Good for you for getting back to playing the flute! Have fun with it.

Very cool about Scholastic! And everything else!

Thanks, everyone! I'll keep you posted on the flute playing . . . I won't be able to catch up with my daughter's clarinet playing, but at least she'll seeing I'm working at it! :o)

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