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Friday Five
Mockingbird Jacket
1. Really enjoying FALLING IN by Frances O'Roark Dowell. So did not want to read the fantasy. Lesson learned: Open that mind.

2. Why is it that when your child takes drivers ed, you start doing things like swerving, running red lights, hitting curbs, driving up on curbs . . . am I just trying to make him feel better?

3. DH is buying me the new iPhone so I have video and much better photo ability. I'm happy about those features, still unaware of the other 999. Otherwise, it's my usual question for cars & electronics: What color is it?

4. New iPhone is for MOCKINGBIRD Tour of the South so I can blog as I go. Can't wait!

5. Still thinking about Sainsbury's lemon tarts, thanks to Jama! The gluten free lemon cookies are holding me over . . . for now.

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(Deleted comment)
I think holding off on driving is a good thing! I didn't start until 21 because I lived overseas and my parents didn't trust me driving on the "wrong" side of the road. And now I'm an excellent driver, as evidenced by my curb hopping ... !

Ack! My son is learning to drive, too. He says I make him a nervous wreck. I told him the feeling is mutual. Good luck to you guys!

The feeling is definitely moo-chle (to quote Madeline Kahn).

I confess to just having eaten half of a lemon curd cupcake. Your new iPhone sounds very snazzy!

You have great self-control, Jama! I don't think I could eat half of anything lemon (unless it were an entire cake . . . 9" or larger). :o)

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