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Got iTunes? Check this out...
Mockingbird Jacket
On my website ( http://www.kathrynerskine.com/Kathryn_Erskine/Playlists%21.html ), you can listen to music that inspired me while I was writing MOCKINGBIRD, QUAKING, THE ABSOLUTE VALUE OF MIKE, and my current work-in-progress, CORNERSTONE. What music inspires you?

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I have never thought of you as listening to music. I don't know why. I am weird.

I listened to Leonard Bernstein's Chichester Psalms during Coming Out Walking and a bunch of fiddle tunes I picked up somewhere.

I don't always listen to music. It's more distracting than helpful to me. BUt I know many do.

I don't often listen to music. When I do, I choose music of the period and place I'm writing about when I can find it. Otherwise, classical music like Bach sonatas.

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