March 12th, 2010

Mockingbird Jacket

StoryMill / MillStone

Continuing my love / hate relationship with:

WHERE did the text go? [Underneath 2 paragraphs of white space so you can't see it in the window.]

WHY are the scenes in the wrong order? [Because for some reason the drag & drop feature isn't working today!]

WHY does the sort function work like this: Chapter 1, Chapter 10, Chapter 2, etc. Did no one think to put in an invisible "0" before 1 thru 9 so this wouldn't happen?? [No. You must do it yourself.]

OK, I need this, really, because I need to organize my writing and I would recommend it, sort of, for people like me. But sometimes it's more of a millstone around my neck!!
Mockingbird Jacket

Friday Five

1. My sister is coming tomorrow!
Relationship to writing: We'll be planning my Skype visit to her classroom.

2. I need chocolate.
Relationship to writing: Well, like, duh, I can't write without chocolate.

3. My husband is still in pain after surgery.
Relationship to writing: It's hard to focus when I feel so bad for him. :o(

4. I get to call a friend in NY.
Relationship to writing: We're writing a proposal to teach an online writing class together.

5. Another friend sent me a prezzie. :o)
Relationship to writing: It's a flyer about my upcoming book that I can email to everyone. Thank you, AM!