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My Severus Problem

If only it had the mystique of Alan Rickman without the snarl. Sadly, my severus problem is that I seem to have severed every connection between blog / facebook / twitter and so nothing I write ends up here or anywhere, for that matter. It's as if everything disappears due to some terrible white-out potion (or "potent," according to a kindergarten entry in a writing contest I judged on Friday). Sigh. So I will have to go back and un-sever those connections so I can be Linkedin (another severed site) once again.

But while I'm here, I'll leave an interesting video that I posted on Facebook so, of course, it won't show up anywhere else:


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Thankful Thanksgiving

Things I'm thankful for . . . .

We have no job but we have a home.
I lost a mother but I found our two children.
Our country's not perfect but I believe we're on the road to recovery.
I have a sister who's like a friend, and many friends who are like sisters.

Love you all, and Happy Thanksgiving!
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Here's a local book festival where Alice Leonhardt and I (and dozens of authors) are appearing:  A police officer started this and the idea behind it is great -- educate kids, teach them to read, help keep them out of jail.  So, that's what I'm doing tomorrow.  How about you?
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Givens Books

If you want a beautiful bookstore with warm, intelligent staff, complete with coffee shop, teacher section (and, OK, toys, too), I highly recommend Givens Books in Lynchburg, VA -- either for a signing, or for your viewing enjoyment.  

I was there on Saturday giving a SASSY little writing seminar and signing books.  I even had Matt, the main character of QUAKING, there with me, all Goth-ed out.  But Matt and I are not good at remembering to take pictures so I have none!  Note to self:  at least use your iPhone, silly!

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Read only if you're voting for Obama

If you're a published author or illustrator who plans to vote for Obama, you might be interested in adding your name to the list of Authors and Illustrators for Children, AIC, who support him. Some of you LJ'ers are already on the list and may have already blogged about this. Anyway, I added my name (it takes a couple of days to appear) and just thought I'd post it in case others hadn't heard.

Here's the link to the list and the site itself.